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Marcous Graywolf



Oh, people, why do you hate? As two people fight, more and more learn to hate. People cry. People sigh. Oh, the mighty tongue doth lie. Emotions, emotions, why do we have them? Oh, people, why do we hate? Hate and fear, they are one. No one sees the other side. Love and peace, always hide. Oh, the tongue doth lie. -- Marcous


I, of a thousand people, am one. Violence is not always right. It is not always wrong. I am peaceful. Music soothes or kills. Violence should not rule. I am calm. Death, oh, Death, why do you breed this chaos? Must all go young? I listen to music. Some soothes, some corrupts. We, the people of the future, live in a paradox. We kill so we live, we live so we kill. I, of a thousand, am one. Hold on to freedom. Kill for freedom. Be a slave to hate. I cry out "Why all this pain?" I, of a thousand people, am one. I will die from others bliss. I, one of a thousand, am sad. -- Marcous


I stand alone on a sandy beach. A wave larger than any city comes this way. Behind me I hear people scream. They try to leave... But find theymselves trapped. Someone throws me a rope. Too short! Too short! People build a big brick wall. Not enough! Not enough! The wave grows bigger and bigger! It laughs at their small-minded attempts. I stand alone on a sandy beach. The wave builds momentum! Women grab at their children and scream!! As the waave devours us, I am saved. In the distance I hear laughter. A promise that I will not always live. With the ruins I build my home. I stand alone in my room. --Marcous


When the damn breaks and the words go rushing by does it really matter who lives and who dies noone really cares they might say they do but in the end there is only you pushing you further away from my heart save yourself as we are pulled apart swift water flows as do thoughts of the past the writing on the wall screams that this cannot last saying what has been wrong can now be thought of as right but as always to late as I drift off into the night catching your eyes from so far away the look of saddness is here to stay reaching out to you from afar feeling the end is near holding on to you in my heart will not be enough my dear not knowing who or what I am my life it seems is like this broken damn

Into this Silence

It's quiet, usually something liked best However don't leave me to this emptiness Don't let me have the time to think To comtemplate or soul search self

I need to shut down Turn off this waterfall of emotion Not use to having all this around Was happier with the coldness that surrounds me

At least then I could function clearly Have my ducks in a row Never had to worry About feelings in the way

I cannot break the outward silence Nor the noise within my head I'm unwilling raptured Into this silence I'm wed

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